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It’s been 10 wonderful years!

A decade of building something that I was extremely proud of. I’ve captured hundreds of weddings and portraits and made so many friends along the way. There was a time when I’d look at the schedule and the busier it seemed, the more exciting it was! Somewhere along the way, I began to lose the excitement of a busy “work” schedule (can you really call my photography work? It’s always brought me so much joy). Now, I’ve found joy in those empty calendars filled with kissing boo-boos, playing in the dirt, catching butterflies, reading stories, homeschooling and just being a Mama to three amazing blessings. My husband and I built this business from the ground up. With no plans, no business skills, just a newly married couple in love and a husband who pushed me to follow a dream. It’s been hard to let go of something so special. But I know that with every moment I worked at this business, I lost a moment with these sweet, little people that call me Mommy. I asked myself so many times, ‘Why can’t I be a working mom? So many other moms do it and do it very well.’ But truth be told, I stink at it. I admire those who can and you amaze me with how you manage to do it all.

I want you all to know how much you’ve meant to me. You’ve all given me your trust and you believed in my talent to capture your beautiful memories. I am forever so grateful. You are the reason I got to have such an awesome job the past decade. I’ve watched you get married, seen your bellies grow those little miracles inside, watch your little ones take their first steps, and smiled at the beginnings your new graduate will meet. You’ve shown me how fleeting these moments are and to cherish them before they are gone. So society may frown upon what we are about to do, but pleasing the world has never been my intention anyways. Now, at this moment Inspired Images by Melissa is closed. Maybe one day we’ll meet again. Who knows where life will take us. Until then, please keep in touch and know that I continue to feel so grateful for you all!

Love, Melissa (and Josh)